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Pest Control Services in Ranchi

What can you get from our pest control services in Ranchi?

Customers usually look for two things: one is quality and another one is affordability. Well, not all the pest control companies in Ranchi provide their customers with both but we do, though.

For us, customers come first and to make them feel convinced we provide them with best pest control in Ranchi at a reasonable price

We give pest control services for all kind of pests including cockroach, mosquito, ant, termite, bed bug, rat, flies and more so you do not need to spend more without any necessity.

Moreover, we use non-allergic chemicals to kill pests so no one in your home gets any harm because of these chemicals. You will not even need to shift your stuff somewhere else during pest control and the process will become convenient.

Termite Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.2795 - Rs.4485
2 BHK Rs.4300 - Rs.5500
3 BHK Rs.5305 - Rs.7605
4 BHK Rs.7605 - Rs.10095
5 BHK Rs.10659 - Rs.12150
Villa Rs.12150 - Rs.14955

BedBug Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.1879 - Rs.3479
2 BHK Rs.3479 - Rs.4879
3 BHK Rs.4879 - Rs.6479
4 BHK Rs.6475- Rs.8670
5 BHK Rs.8670 - Rs.10470
Villa Rs.10605 - Rs.14105

Mosquito Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.1959 - Rs.3459
2 BHK Rs.3459 - Rs.4459
3 BHK Rs.4459- Rs.5959
4 BHK Rs.5959 - Rs.7959
5 BHK Rs.7959 - Rs.9959
Villa Rs.9959- Rs.15099

Cockroach Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.1855 - Rs.2755
2 BHK Rs.2755 - Rs.3755
3 BHK Rs.3755 - Rs.4855
4 BHK Rs.4855 - Rs.5755
5 BHK Rs.5755 - Rs.6955
Villa Rs.6955 - Rs.9905

Ant Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.1700 - Rs.3400
2 BHK Rs.3400- Rs.4300
3 BHK Rs.4300 - Rs.6500
4 BHK Rs.6500 - Rs.8500
5 BHK Rs.8500 - Rs.10600
Villa Rs.10600- Rs.14700

Rodents Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.850 - Rs.1050
2 BHK Rs.1050 - Rs.1550
3 BHK Rs.1550 - Rs.2050
4 BHK Rs.2050 - Rs.2550
5 BHK Rs.2550 - Rs.3050
Villa Rs.3050 - Rs.4050

Flie Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.1850- Rs.3550
2 BHK Rs.3550- Rs.5550
3 BHK Rs.5550 - Rs.8550
4 BHK Rs.8550 - Rs.10700
5 BHK Rs.10700- Rs.13700
Villa Rs.13950- Rs.15600

Lizard Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.1860 - Rs.3460
2 BHK Rs.3459 - Rs.4759
3 BHK Rs.4759- Rs.5590
4 BHK Rs.5590 - Rs.9590
5 BHK Rs.9590 - Rs.11099
Villa Rs.11099 - Rs.14065

General Pest Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

1 BHK Rs.2050- Rs.3550
2 BHK Rs.3550 - Rs.4545
3 BHK Rs.4545 - Rs.6045
4 BHK Rs.5997 - Rs.7995
5 BHK Rs.7995- Rs.11995
Villa Rs.11045 - Rs.14099

Bird Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Ranchi

Bird Spikes Rs.510 - Rs.620 per Sq. Ft.
Bird Protection Net Rs.340 per Sq. Ft.
Bird Repellent Upon Inspection

Office Pest Control Charges in Ranchi

Rat Control Rs.3650 - Rs.6500
Termite Control Rs.6500 - Rs.9560
Flie Control Rs.4879 - Rs.8320
Cockroach Control Rs.4511- Rs.9150
Lizard Control Rs.4830 - Rs.9945
Mosquito Control Rs.4840 - Rs.8975

Industrial Pest Control Charges in Ranchi

Rat Control Rs.4655 - Rs.7155
Termite Control Rs.7955 - Rs.14935
Flie Control Rs.4444 - Rs.9055
Cockroach Control Rs.4750 - Rs.9700
Lizard Control Rs.4950- Rs.9500
Mosquito Control Rs.4635 - Rs.9690

Why should you only hire us?

We can give many reasons for hiring us but we do not believe in boasting. We do what we say though there are still some valid reasons that should draw you towards our pest control services.

  1. Calculate your cost easily
  2. If you are confused about our pest control charges in Ranchi, you can use our cost calculator available on our site. Simply choose your service scale and home measures and we will estimate your cost.

    When you use cost calculation on your own, you can simply estimate ‘how much cost’ you will have to pay us for pest control and for what you are charged.

  3. Avail a free quotation
  4. You may think why I need a quotation when I have already calculated my cost. Your thought is right but there is a lot of difference between estimation and clear charges from our experts. Cost calculator only estimates the cost but quotation specifically generated for you.

    With this free quotation, you can easily understand what the exact amount you will have to pay for pet control is. You can also discuss the costs with our pest control experts when they arrive at your home for inspection.

  5. Free before-service inspection
  6. We value your time and money and for this, we send our experts for a home inspection so that they could discuss further with you and create a plan for eradicating pests. They might also ask you to fix the date when you ill love to get pest control done.

    We value your time, as we mentioned above. We will come for pest control only when you are free and convinced to get pest control done. You can also ask our experts to give you the analysis of charges given on your quotation.

  7. The effortless process of pest control
  8. It sometimes gets tough for you to get pest control done in your home just because you have weighty furniture and accessories that can take a lot of your time and effort but with our pest control services you do not need to move even a single thing by an inch.

    Because we use chemicals that do not harm anyone and infect surroundings so you do not need to shift things without any reason. Our chemical is harmless for you but 100% effective on pests and we guarantee it will clean up pests from your home.

  9. Best service in your budget
  10. With our pest control company in Ranchi, you never need to worry about the cost because we assure you to provide with the best service within your budget. Now you do not need to follow DIY tutorials and waste your money anymore.

    Our best pest control team is always ready to serve you with their best. We guarantee pests will end and you will not need to spend your precious money on controlling pests in your home.

What should you care about after pest control?

To be honest, it is not completely our responsibility to get you rid of pests because we can give you pest control service and review your home twice but that is not enough. It is also important for you to keep an eye on areas where pests were hiding. There are some tips, we feel you must follow;

  1. Talk to our experts after pest control:
  2. It is not always

    necessary but you should at least have a last conversation with our experts so that you could get some advice on how you can avoid repelling of pests.

  3. Do not overdo the pest control process:
  4. It is good to do

    things on your own but only those in which you are acquiring enough experience because less experience can cause problems. Do not use any DIY tutorial on pests further as it may cause them to repel.

  5. Ask our pest experts to use herbal chemicals for pests:
  6. We actually also provide our customers with herbal pest control in Ranchi and if you want us to do that for you as well. You should ask our experts for it without hesitation.

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