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Pest Control Services in Kolkata

What can you be expecting from our pest control services?

Whenever you are heading to hire a pest control company in Kolkata, you mostly look for affordability and quality and it is what we keep in mind while providing you with our services.

We assure you that we are both best and affordable in the pest control field. We give services for all pests including cockroach, mosquito, bed bug, termite, silverfish, fly and more control in Kolkata at a reasonable price so you do not need to think a lot about your budget.

You should choose us when you want a permanent solution for pests because our experienced pest experts have such chemicals that are safe for kids or any other person at the home but effectively kills pests.

We give all our customers the assurance of 100% working pest control in Kolkata. If something goes wrong even from your side, we allow our customers to discuss and find a solution with us.

What else you want.

Ant Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Kolkata

1 BHK Rs.1700 - Rs.3400
2 BHK Rs.3400- Rs.4300
3 BHK Rs.4300 - Rs.6500
4 BHK Rs.6500 - Rs.8500
5 BHK Rs.8500 - Rs.10600
Villa Rs.10600- Rs.14700

Flie Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Kolkata

1 BHK Rs.900 - Rs.1300
2 BHK Rs.1300 - Rs.1900
3 BHK Rs.1900 - Rs.2300
4 BHK Rs.2300 - Rs.2900
5 BHK Rs.2900 - Rs.3500
Villa Rs.3600 - Rs.4100

Rodents Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Kolkata

1 BHK Rs.1750 - Rs.3650
2 BHK Rs.3650 - Rs.6750
3 BHK Rs.6750 - Rs.8650
4 BHK Rs.8650 - Rs.9550
5 BHK Rs.9550 - Rs.11500
Villa Rs.11500 - Rs.13500

Lizard Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Kolkata

1 BHK Rs.1850 - Rs.3450
2 BHK Rs.3450 - Rs.4750
3 BHK Rs.4750- Rs.5550
4 BHK Rs.5550 - Rs.9550
5 BHK Rs.9550 - Rs.11059
Villa Rs.11059 - Rs.14055

Mosquito Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Kolkata

1 BHK Rs.1950 - Rs.3450
2 BHK Rs.3450 - Rs.4450
3 BHK Rs.4450 - Rs.5950
4 BHK Rs.5950 - Rs.7950
5 BHK Rs.7950 - Rs.9950
Villa Rs.9950 - Rs.15000

Cockroach Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Kolkata

1 BHK Rs.1850 - Rs.2750
2 BHK Rs.2750 - Rs.3750
3 BHK Rs.3750 - Rs.4850
4 BHK Rs.4850 - Rs.5750
5 BHK Rs.5750 - Rs.6950
Villa Rs.6950 - Rs.9900

Office Pest Control Charges in Kolkata

Rat Control Rs.3650 - Rs.6500
Termite Control Rs.6500 - Rs.9560
Flie Control Rs.4879 - Rs.8320
Cockroach Control Rs.4511- Rs.9150
Lizard Control Rs.4830 - Rs.9945
Mosquito Control Rs.4840 - Rs.8975

General Pest Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Kolkata

1 BHK Rs.2059- Rs.3555
2 BHK Rs.3555 - Rs.4549
3 BHK Rs.4549 - Rs.6049
4 BHK Rs.5999 - Rs.7999
5 BHK Rs.7999 - Rs.11999
Villa Rs.11000 - Rs.14000

Termite Control Charges for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, 5BHK, Villa in Kolkata

1 BHK Rs.2899 - Rs.4489
2 BHK Rs.4300 - Rs.5400
3 BHK Rs.5400 - Rs.7600
4 BHK Rs.7600 - Rs.10070
5 BHK Rs.10649 - Rs.12150
Villa Rs.12150 - Rs.14975

Industrial Pest Control Charges in Kolkata

Rat Control Rs.4645 - Rs.7145
Termite Control Rs.7950 - Rs.14930
Flie Control Rs.4440 - Rs.9050
Cockroach Control Rs.4710 - Rs.9799
Lizard Control Rs.4920- Rs.9400
Mosquito Control Rs.4635 - Rs.9690

Why should you opt for us?

We have some traits that are drawing people towards us for pest control. If you are looking for a decent pest control company in Kolkata, you should consider some quality services we are providing our customers.

  1. You will get a free quotation
  2. Isn�t it amazing if you could know estimated cost for pest control before you just hire any company for that? Of course, it will be amazing and you would love to avail this service.

    We actually provide our customers with the option to calculate their cost online from our site or contact us for a free quotation so that you could know how much you will be paying for pest control service. You could know pest control charges in Kolkata and then hire us as per your preference.

  3. Experts will visit for a free inspection
  4. It is another interesting service we are providing our customers with. Just before you hire us, you can call us and ask for an inspection visit. We will reach your home as per your convenience and inspect pest affected area and let you know the process.

    At that time, you can get a brief analysis of the quotation you were given to understand your cost better way. It will be a simple visit from our side and once you let us know the date when you want to get pest control in Kolkata done, we will come and do our job.

  5. You will have a convenient pest control process
  6. You must have heard or probably faced that you have to shift all your stuff from one place to another because of the poisonous chemicals used but with our pest control, you will never need to move your stuff even by an inch.

    We use advanced chemicals that are odourless and most effective for pests but at the same time, those chemicals are safe for kids or any other person in the family.

  7. In-budget pest control
  8. You sometimes avoid pest control services and go for DIY products just because you do not have enough money to get pest control done but this is not going to happen anymore, at least not in our case.

    We provide our customers with affordable pest control in Kolkata but without composing on quality that allows any customers with any budget to get our best pest control service in Kolkata. Now no more sacrifices and imbalanced budget.

  9. Assurance of best service
  10. We provide our customers with best pest control in Kolkata and we give them assurance about this. We do not think any other pest control company in Kolkata gives such assurance to their customers.

    We even promise to replan for pest control if the pests do not go in the first attempt. We will discuss and bring a solution out of it.

This advice can help you have a better outcome of pest control

Here, we are mentioning few advice that will help you have the perfect outcome of pest control we performed. We can review on a specific day and after a specific period as given in contract but you can review pest affected areas every time. These will surely help.

  1. Leave alone pest control affected areas as they are: If you do not see results even after pest control, you can contact us and ask for a solution and request us for an immediate review because we could seek this problem but if you use DIY products, you might lose our after-service support.
  2. Have a short conversation with experts at the end: You are inexperienced in the field of pest control but we are not and can help you treat pest-affected area a better way. Nothing happens overnight and our service will work if you do not let anything reversing happen on affected areas.
  3. Ask for only safe chemicals: The poisonous chemicals most pest control companies in Kolkata use can affect Kids so it is better to ask our experts to use odourless safe chemicals that will not harm kids or any other person in the home but effectively kill pests.

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